Jemmac Software
Advanced Process Visualization

SapphireTrend is a one-stop, plant-wide, advanced process visualization package.

It allows plant operators, chemical engineers, process engineers and plant managers to use a common trending interface.

Sapphire has been designed for use in the most demanding 24 x 7 real time environments. It can be used for control room strip chart replacement, for adhoc event analysis and for post event analysis.

It can run over its own high integrity data collection engine, or can connect directly to your DCS via OPC. It can even be used over a plant historian and for environmental reporting.

It is the trending product of choice of one of the world’s leading Oil & Petrochemical multinationals.

The Benefits

Advanced Process Visualization offers the following key benefits:

  • Provides an accurate view of current plant state allowing the optimumn control strategy to be applied.
  • Allows engineers to better understand process interactions on the plant.
  • Improves operating efficiencies, thereby reducing the environmental impact of operations.
  • Allows the process to be run to much tighter tolerances, improving profitability.
  • Improved safety as operators have an accurate view of the current state of the process.
  • Allows comparisons between the current plant state and previous ‘best case’ periods of production.
  • provides detailed post event analysis allowing process engineers to diagnose the causes of faults, and apply procedures to prevent repeat occurrences.