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When you buy a licence for a Jemmac product you can optionally buy additional Support and Maintenance providing an extension to the standard 60 day warranty.

SapphireTrend SapphireTrend
Real-time process visualization tool.

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OPCFailover OPCFailover
Failover for mission critical environments.

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"After spending so much time with other solutions and endless frustration it cannot be expressed enough how glad we were to find this product...
Ryan Fitzek, Graphic Packaging - West Monroe, USA.
OPCNetView OPCNetView
Bringing clarity to your OPC world.

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When purchasing Support & Maintenance you get:
  • Access to unlimited email and phone product support.
  • Our promise to do all we can to answer your questions and resolve any problems you may have as quickly as possible.
  • Access to upgrades and new releases as they are made available.
  • Support is provided during standard UK working hours 9:00am to 5:30pm GMT, Monday to Friday.